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Advanced dental technology is what drives exceptional results here at Litchfield Hills Family Dental. With it, we can provide you and your family with safer, faster, less invasive, and more effective treatment. Equipped with low-radiation imaging machines, advanced, natural healing techniques, and scalpel-free dentistry tools, we can improve your dental health now and protect it for many years to come. We’re your home for advanced dental technology in Torrington, CT. Without question.

What Advanced Dental Technology Gives You

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Less invasive treatments
  • More precise, predictable results
  • Shorter chair time
  • Faster recovery
  • More efficient appointments
dr mooney performing dental procedure

Technology alone won’t deliver a healthy mouth. It takes a team of professionals with extensive training and experience to operate it. We have two highly credentialed dentists at your service. Between them, Drs. Bola Mooney and Brian Mooney have 50 plus years of experience in dentistry. With a unique combination of technology and skill, we offer the highest quality of care with consistent, favorable outcomes.

A natural part of your blood, PRGF can reliably accelerate your healing after surgery. We harvest these growth factors by taking a small sample of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge. Once the PRGF are isolated, we introduce them in concentrated form into the surgical sites during bone grafting and other treatments. They form a protective layer over treatment areas during your recovery.

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) captures high-resolution 3D images of your mouth. With these, we can effectively diagnose a variety of conditions, prepare for dental implants placement, and more. CBCT scanners work with a fraction of the radiation of conventional equipment. They’re safer and healthier for you!

A compact, wand-like camera, this enables us to take high-quality, close-up images of the inside of your mouth. With it, we can develop more precise, effective treatment plans for a number of different dental conditions. We can also instantly show you what we’re seeing so you can get a clear picture of what’s wrong and what we’re going to do to fix it.

Through laser technology we eliminate scalpels and sutures from soft tissue treatments and perform root canals. We can even use it to treat your sleep apnea, rejuvenate your facial appearance, or provide fillings without Novocain. With great precision, our Fotona laser instantly destroys bacteria and removes diseased or unsightly tissues while leaving adjacent healthy tissues untouched. You’ll experience less discomfort and bleeding throughout your procedure!

CEREC is an all-in-one system that provides new crowns and bridges during one office visit! We scan your mouth, which renders a detailed 3D image. Using CEREC’s onboard design program, we then create your new crowns virtually. Using that as a blueprint, CEREC’s milling machine then fabricates them. We can place them the same day!  

Administered by a trusted area anesthesiologist, IV sedation allows you to sleep right through dental implant placement, wisdom tooth extraction, and more. Though you’re “technically” awake, you’ll feel nothing during treatment and won’t remember anything about it afterward. Not all practices offer this advanced anesthesia option!

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