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If you have been suffering for years with pain and embarrassment and have no healthy teeth left or no teeth at all, then you’ve been living life without the joy of a carefree smile. Without your favorite foods. Without relaxed conversations. But no matter how many teeth you’re missing, you can completely reclaim a fulfilling life where you smile when you want, eat what you want, and speak without embarrassment. Full mouth dental implants can give you that. The Litchfield Hills Family Dental team is empowered by training from the acclaimed Misch International Implant Institute and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists—and 50 plus years of combined experience as dentists. We transform smiles and lives daily with full mouth dental implants in Torrington, CT.

We also provide other options to restore your smile. Removable dentures are a time-tested and cost-effective option for replacing your missing teeth. Dentures fit directly onto your gums and stay in place with adhesive gel. Upper dentures include a false palate, which can affect the taste and sensation of eating food. There’s also a type of denture that offers greater stability. Implant supported over-dentures are stabilize in your mouth utilizing dental implants but are also removable. Because of this, they won’t slip out of place. Many patients find these a suitable option for their needs. However, if you’re looking for the most reliable, aesthetic, durable tooth replacement option, then full mouth screw retain dental implants are it. Let’s learn more about the journey to that complete smile now …

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Three Steps to a Restored Smile


1: Preparation

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1: Preparation

Most of our patients are already candidates for full mouth dental implants or can be after some initial procedures. We’ll determine your eligibility during a free consultation here in our office. This gives us the chance to learn your smile goals as well as complete a full examination of your teeth and jaw bones. Using our in-house cone beam CT (CBCT), we can capture high-definition 3D images that show what’s going on beneath your teeth and gums.

CBCT has the added advantage of operating with a very low level of radiation compared to conventional hospital base CT scan. With the inside views it provides we can begin preplanning your treatment. Most times we send the data we collect to nSequence®, a leading guided implant surgery technology company that will create a customized surgical guide as well a beautiful same day scree retain temporary prostheses if needed for us. This will make your implant placement extremely precise and walk out of the office with teeth in a day.

2: Placement

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2: Placement

On the day of your placement procedure, we make sure you’re comfortable before we do anything else. This includes providing one of several types of sedation, including nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), oral sedation, and IV sedation, to keep you calm and pain-free. Both oral and IV sedation create a sleeplike state—you won’t feel a thing during your procedure, nor will you remember it later. As an added touch, we also offer headphones so that you can listen to music instead of the sounds of the treatment room. With you sedated, we’ll begin the procedure. If you need them, we’ll perform any tooth extractions and bone grafting to prepare your mouth before continuing with placement.

Our team surgically inserts durable implant device into your jawbone. These will anchor the visible part of your new teeth. We place only top-quality implants from BioHorizons®, one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. All the cases are individually design and the proper number of implants will be determined prior to surgery in order to properly support your new and beautiful smile. In most cases, we utilize your customized nSequence surgical guide during this process, fitting it over your gums and inserting the implants through them at just the right location, angle, and depth. In most cases the nSequence protocol will allows us to provide our patients with a beautiful same day implant supported non-removable temporary prothesis’s.

3: Restoration

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3: Restoration

The next day you’ll return to get your temporary implant bridges. These provide the appearance of a full set of teeth and also enable you to quickly resume normal daily activities. In the months following, your jaw will heal and the implants become a permanent part of it. Once that process is complete (4-6 months), you’ll return to our office to begin the final restoration process of your full mouth dental implants in Torrington, CT. We use top-quality Prettau® Zirconia bridges, which look incredibly lifelike and are made to last. Customized to fit you, these will give you the seamless, stunning smile you’ve always wanted. When you walk out the door you can begin enjoying a fulfilling life once again. We will educate you on how to maintain your new teeth so they can provide you with a lifetime of reliable performance.

What Full Mouth Dental Implants Give You

  • A full set of healthy, attractive teeth
  • Immense self-confidence
  • A higher quality of life
  • Many more food choices
  • Comfortable, clear speech
  • Lasting performance and durability

Putting Your Perfect Smile Within Reach

You can afford the amazing smile we’ve just described to you! We work with several major third-party financing companies, including Proceed Finance, CareCredit®, and LendingClub, to offer flexible payment options. Our office staff will also file claims to your dental insurance provider on your behalf. While some insurance companies offer limited coverage for dental implants, our team will work hard to help you get all the benefits your plan entitles you to. Let’s talk about your teeth and how full mouth dental implants can fit within your budget! A fulfilling new chapter of your life awaits you. Embrace it!

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