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The doctors here at Litchfield Hills Family Dental have the training and experience to maintain and restore the dental health for patients of all ages. Your entire family! By providing services ranging from regular checkups and cleanings to dental implants, gum disease treatment, and laser dentistry, we can help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Smile with confidence. Eat what you want. With over 50 plus years of combined experience, our dentists make these a reality for patients just like you every day—in one convenient location. If you’re looking for an exceptional dentist in Torrington, CT, look no further. We’re here for you.

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Featured General Dentistry Treatments

Removable Dentures are a time-tested, cost-effective replacement for missing teeth. One reason they’ve lasted is because they have evolved over the years. Today’s dentures are made to fit comfortably and look just like real teeth. Whether you have a few teeth missing or all of them are gone, we can provide denture solutions that meet your needs. We offer full and partial dentures.

We don’t just want to treat existing dental problems. We provide routine checkups, screenings, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and more to help you prevent them from occurring. Comprehensive, proactive care is key! Schedule your next appointment for yourself or a family member now!

Popping sound from your jaw? It may be an indication of a TMJ disorder or jaw joint and/or teeth misalignment. We can resolve your symptoms with mouthguards, customized to fit you by our skilled dentists. These prevent teeth grinding and clenching and allow tense facial and jaw muscles to relax. We can also relieve TMJ problems with orthodontic treatments, which straighten your teeth, reduce grinding and clenching, and restore natural jaw movement. A proud provider of BOTOX® since 2004, we can even use BOTOX to relax your facial muscles.

When your top and bottom teeth are out of alignment, you may have a traumatic bite (or “bad bite”), which can damage and loosen your teeth. Our team can correct this condition by smoothing down and reshaping certain sections of the tooth enamel, giving you a properly aligned bite.

Grinding and clenching your teeth, also known as bruxism, can be a conscious or unconscious habit. Either way, the results are the same. Worn-down teeth. TMJ problems. We can stop this condition and prevent complications with customized oral appliances you wear at night, while playing sports, or whenever you may grind your teeth. We can also alleviate grinding and clenching with BOTOX, which causes your facial muscles to relax. Also, a well know contributor to factor to clenching and grinding is a compromise airway which can be treated by our NightLase®.

By conducting regular oral pathology exams, we can identify any visible signs of potentially serious health issues in your mouth. We can usually provide effective treatment—or recommend medical help—if we detect these problems early enough.

Sleep apnea isn’t just snoring—your airway becomes blocked during sleep, causing you to stop breathing! We can customize an FDA-approved oral appliance that will reposition your jaw slightly to prevent airway obstruction, enabling you to get a good night’s sleep, enjoy more energetic days, and protect your overall health. Alternately, we can use temporary anchorage devices (TADs), a part of some orthodontic treatments, to keep your jaw from moving during sleep. Our Fotona laser also enables us to provide minimally invasive, quick, and lasting NightLase® treatment. This reduces the effects of sleep apnea and severity of snoring by tightening the tissue of the soft palate and back of the mouth.

Teeth weakened by decay or damage above the roots may require new crowns or, for several adjacent teeth, bridges. Litchfield Hills Family Dental provides a distinct advantage with our CEREC system. This revolutionary technology enables us to design, fabricate, and place new crowns and bridges for you during a single visit. No more waiting weeks for a restored smile!

Sometimes we can save a severely infected tooth! With root canals, we remove all of the infected living tissues from the inside of the tooth, thoroughly sanitize and debride the canals using the SWEEPS® (Shock Wave Enhanced Emission Photoacoustic Streaming) protocol with our minimally invasive Fotona LightWalker® AT S laser technology, and reinforce the tooth with special dental materials. We can then further strengthen it with a new crown—made here in our office during the same appointment!

Adults and children alike enjoy sports, but in popular contact sports such as football, ice hockey, and lacrosse the risk of injury is constant. Sports mouthguards, custom-fabricated in a lab to fit you, protect your mouth from damage if you’re hit by a ball or collide with another player. They can also minimize the effects of any teeth clenching that might occur during play.

The laser has revolutionized the way we do dentistry. Our Fotona LightWalker® AT S technology now allows us to perform many procedures without scalpels, needles, drills, and anesthesia! This innovative system takes the place all of those with a concentrated beam of light. Laser dentistry makes treatment minimally invasive, more comfortable for all patients, and a welcome change for those who suffer from dental anxiety.

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