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Discolored, worn down, cracked or misaligned teeth. Individually, any of these conditions may not indicate a serious dental health problem. Still, they can cause you ongoing discomfort and a lack of self confidence. Don’t let a flawed smile define you! Cosmetic dentistry has a solution. In fact, it has several! A smile makeover is a customized, incremental set of treatments designed to make your smile stand out for the right reasons. Provided here by doctors with over 50 plus years of combined experience, these treatments can truly transform the way you look—and how you feel about yourself. Litchfield Hills Family Dental is the practice to trust for a smile makeover in Torrington, CT.

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  • From Invisalign and whitening to veneers - Dr. Mooney discusses smile makeovers and cosmetic procedures.

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Our team has a sharp eye for esthetics and is highly skilled in cosmetic procedures. We use both traditional and laser-based techniques to rejuvenate your smile and facial skin. These are just a few of the ones we offer:

Invisalign is a groundbreaking alternative to traditional metal braces! With it we straighten your teeth using durable, clear plastic aligners, not those metal brackets and wires. No one will even notice you’re wearing them! Invisalign has the added advantage of being easy to maintain.

When you have teeth with healthy roots but decayed crowns, we can replace them with artificial crowns. Or, with multiple missing teeth side by side, bridges. Both restore the appearance and function of your natural teeth. Litchfield Hills Family Dental has in-house CEREC technology, which means we can design, fabricate, and place your new crowns in a single appointment. You’ll walk out with a full, satisfied smile.

Get whiter teeth in a flash! ZOOM! is a professional-grade whitening system that we provide here at our office. With ZOOM! we use a special whitening gel in combination with a UV light treatment. This can change the shade of your teeth dramatically, leaving them with a consistent, eye-catching sparkle. You’ll have whiter, brighter teeth the very same day! And unlike some whitening treatments, ZOOM! won’t make your teeth more sensitive.

If you have a cavity, we don’t just want to fill that empty space. We want the filling to make the tooth look as if it never had a cavity. With composite fillings (tooth colored restorations), we match the color of the filling to your tooth enamel for a natural, seamless appearance. Your fillings won’t show through!

When you have damage to a tooth that’s not significant enough to warrant a crown, we repair the tooth with inlays or onlays. Inlays cover only a part of the top and interior of the tooth, while onlays may extend from the top of the tooth to the outer surface. Think of them as a “surface filling.” but much more durable than a composite filling and much more conservative than full coverage crown. As with composite fillings, we make sure to match the color of the whole tooth for a consistent, attractive look.

Do you feel like you have a “gummy smile?” That’s where your gums dominate and your teeth look small. We can create a better balance with crown lengthening. Using highly accurate, minimally invasive laser technology, we can remove small portions of gum tissue. This will make your teeth appear longer and your gums shorter. We carefully shape the gums around each affected tooth to give your gum tissue a natural, graceful appearance.

Have fine facial wrinkles that are making you feel old? We can smooth them out. By introducing BOTOX® into the affected area, we can cause your facial muscles to relax—and those wrinkles to disappear. BOTOX can also alleviate your TMJ discomfort.

A popular dermal filler, Restylane can give you fuller, more alluring lips as well as reduce the appearance of “laugh lines” and other wrinkles around your nose and mouth. A glamorous and more youthful look can be yours if you want it!

Thinning lips are a natural result of aging. With a dermal filler called JUVÉDERM we can create more volume, making your lips look rounder, plumper, and younger with just one treatment! JUVÉDERM and Restylane can both give you the gorgeous full smile you desire.

Enhance the appearance of your lips with a non-invasive, a much more holistic approach compared to conventional lip filler. Using energy from our Fotona laser, LipLase stimulates collagen regeneration within your lips. No needles or fillers are required to make your lips thicker and rounder.

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