Laser Dentistry - Torrington, CT

A Light Approach to Dental Care

Reinventing Dentistry with Lasers

At Litchfield Hills Family Dental we’re working hard to make some traditional dentistry techniques obsolete. How and why would we do that? Our in-office Fotona laser system. Though you may not know the name, you’ll want to get to know what it means for you. With laser technology we can deliver care that’s less invasive, more precise, and easier on you overall. Both of our doctors have extensive training in laser dentistry. Our laser replaces scalpels and sutures in some of our treatments. It also eradicates infections along the way. Equipped with advanced dental tools—and over 50 plus years of combined experience—our team is the one to see for laser dentistry in Torrington, CT.

Why Laser Dentistry Is Better

  • Minimally invasive periodontal treatments
  • Scalpel-free surgeries
  • More predictable outcomes
  • Less pain, bleeding, sensitivity, and swelling
  • Quicker procedures
  • Faster healing with fewer complications
dental patient undergoing laser treatment
dental patient with a gummy smile

Soft Tissue Treatments

Soft tissues can sometimes get in the way of us living a healthy, happy life! If you or your partner suffer from snoring, you may stop breathing many times nightly. We can alleviate this condition by treating your soft palate to open up your airway using NightLase® (no pain, no cutting). We can also use it to remove diseased gum tissue—a procedure known as a gingivectomy—without a scalpel. If you have excessive tissue that’s healthy but unattractive (a “gummy smile”) we can fix that too. And if inadequate frenula are making normal eating and speaking difficult, we can eliminate them by offering a frenectomy with our laser. We can also take years off your face with SmoothLase® skin treatment!

Tooth Treatments

While no one looks forward to a root canal treatment, Fotona LightWalker® AT S laser technology has enabled us to transform the experience. Once we access infected root canals, we can instantly and thoroughly disinfect and debride them with our laser’s SWEEPS® (Shock Wave Enhanced Emission Photoacoustic Streaming) protocol. What’s more, we can give you fillings and crowns without injecting an anesthetic. Laser makes minimally invasive, regenerative, needle-free, and Novocain-free procedures possible. It painlessly eliminates areas of infection inside your teeth. And since you don’t have to wait to become numb or to regain sensation later, your visit time is shorter. You may even be able to eat immediately after you leave our office!

Oral Infections

Persistent growths and sores need no longer cause you pain or embarrassment. With our laser system we can eliminate the pain caused by herpetic lesions, aphthous ulcers (cold sores), and even reduce their frequency. The laser will also clear the area of the microorganisms that can cause these issues in the first place.

dental patient in need of Gingivectomy treatment

Minimally Invasive Care Is Here

You’ll be surprised what a laser can do.

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